How GMAT is scored?

GMAT score is accepted by all top business-level management schools in the world. So, your GMAT preparation is good enough to get your admission to top MBA colleges.

There are 4 sections in the GMAT namely Analytical Writing Assessment (AWA), Integrated Reasoning (IR), Quantitative, and Verbal. You have to score in each section. Total GMAT score is the addition of quantitative and verbal scores. It does not include the scores of analytic writing and integrated reasoning. Your total scores are presented in intervals of 10 in which each section comes in intervals of 1 except AWA which comes in the interval of 0.5.

The chart is given below which shows GMAT score Range & Score Interval. GMAT coaching in Gurugram provides you customized teaching, personalized attention, and assured guidance for improvement in score.


Score Range

Score interval

Analytics Writing Assessment (AWA)






Integrated Reasoning (IR)






Total Score



After completed your GMAT exam you will calculate your unofficially GMAT score by the testing computer(except your essay score). You don’t have to wait for long. Here, you will decide if you want to send this report to business schools or cancel them. If you keep the score then you will get official GMAT score (includes AWA marks) in 20 days.

Percentile Ranking

In both the quant & verbal section with raw numbers, you will also get percentile ranking which shows the percentage of aspirants whose scored lower than you. If you score 80% means you score better than 80% of aspirants who appear in the exam. The percentile is based on the last 3 years in which both quant & verbal score is combined to calculate the overall score but the average is different.

In the given chart you can see that for different percentile rankings, the GMAT score varies for both sections.

different percentile rankings

Every year we can see there is the growth in the average GMAT score. In 2007-08 the average GMAT score was 542 which was an increase by 548 in 2011-12. In 2018 the average GMAT total score was just below 556. With the intense increase in the competition for business school rankings, you should join MBA wizards for GMAT preparation in Delhi.

Some More Factors in GMAT score

No. of questions correctly * difficulty = GMAT score

Gmat is the adaptive nature-based computer ability test in which score is derived not only from correct answers but also from the difficulty level. In other words, if you answer a difficult question than you surely get higher marks for the question. You will be penalized if you are getting a series of multiple answers wrong. You will also be penalized if you leave any answers at the end.

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