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GMAT CAT preparation in Gurgaon exam is a computer-adaptive test that assesses a person’s analytical writing, quantitative, verbal and reading skills in standard written English. The full form of GMAT is Graduate Management Admission Test is conducted by the Graduate Management Admission Council (GMAC). This test is taken in preparation for being admitted into a graduate management program, such as MBA and Masters in Finance related courses.

The GMAT CAT preparation online in Gurgaon exam 2020 is a computer adaptive test and not a computer-based test, which means that the candidate will get one question at a time and depending on the accuracy of the previous answer, the difficulty level of the next question will be ascertained.

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As such, there is no set eligibility criteria set by GMAC, the body conducting GMAT CAT for appearing for the GMAT CAT exam. However, one should always meet the eligibility criteria set by the university/college one aspires to get into after giving the GMAT.

Best GMAT CAT Classroom Coaching in Gurgaon – Let’s take a look at the topics included in CAT and GMAT.


GMAT CAT 2020 Registration:- Best GMAT CAT Preparation in Gurgaon

Registration for GMAT CAT Classroom Coaching in Gurgaon can be done throughout the year; however, it is always advisable that candidates should frame a strategy and timeline for GMAT CAT Preparation Online in Gurgaon before registering for the examination. The candidates can register for GMAT CAT Preparation in Gurgaon in both online and offline mediums. More than 2,00,000 candidates appear for the exam every year.

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According to GMAC, you can register for the GMAT CAT preparation online in Gurgaon exam 6 months before the Graduate Management Admission Test date or latest by 24 hours before the GMAT CAT exam date, however, the slot is not available at the last moment. Therefore, it is suggested to book your preferred slot well before the planned exam date.

Ways to register for GMAT CAT Preparation in Gurgaon:

  1. Online
  2. Phone
  3. Postal mail

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Ability-Based Model – ADAPTIVE COACHING

Students can choose their own hours and work directly with a coach who will develop an individualized study plan. The tutoring plan will be periodically updated through regular assessments.

This is an adaptive model. It adapts itself according to student caliber then towards perfection through toughness.

We are not tutors in our GMAT CAT Preparation in Gurgaon. Whether in our online live or classroom coaching classes but a student and a mentor enters into a Tutoring partnership, where they both discuss the need to prepare for the exam and prepare a roadmap to excelling.

This Unique GMAT and CAT Pedagogy develops itself and completely adaptive to student caliber and preparation level. The student eventually gets a customized approach thus this MBA study model guarantees at least 70-100 + points increase for re-takers and 700+ score for first-timers.

We have a scientific method of assessing students and their study habits

Step 1

Self assessment comes as the first step for your GMAT CAT Preparation in Gurgaon. As we believe that in case students are self-evaluating, they can all score good marks in their exams.

We don’t give GMAT/CAT diagnostic tests to our students as a first step but we ask our students to do self-assessment on the basis of their knowledge on EQ and IQ. This step is done with the help of a Questionnaire, physiological testing and one on one interaction with MBA experts.

Personal road map for MBA is prepared at this stage with different topics and kind of attention needed.

Step 2

Litmus Test – After this self-assessment we give a Litmus test to a student in order to understand their Subject wise understanding so that a proper GMAT, CAT session planner can be prepared. We give codes to each student in order to keep a track of their attention areas and on the basis of these codes, study modules get decided. All codes go for common and uncommon modules according to their gap areas.

An assessment report will be prepared and feedback will be given to student on continuous basis.

Step 3

Levels – 750+ Level 1

700+ level 2

680+ level 3

650+ level 4

600+ level 5

Those in 700+ and 750+ levels directly enter into advance tests and rigorous practice.

Classes and Practice:-

Practice starts: Every student receives practice sets of the question according to their level of understanding. We prepare practice questions targeting each student for proper evaluation and guaranteed results.

Sectional Test: Once we find student has reached the benchmark only then we give a sectional test of various levels randomly in order to validate our preparation and student’s success. In case we find drastic differences of marks in this random test – we ask a student to go for GMAT/CAT Litmus test to find the micro gap areas.

Step 4

The tentative structure which was made in the starting, entirely got a makeover. At this level rigorous training starts. The steps are:

  • Be conceptually strong: Practice your concepts with good number of questions and from Beginners to medium then difficult level.
  • Accuracy: Once student reached to the stage where all questions were correct, practice questions gets increased twice. Once it is set that now concepts and application to questions are correct, student reach a third stage and that is time efficiency.
  • Efficiency: Now race with time starts. This stage is equally challenging.

Final Step

Once a student reaches this stage, then full length testing starts – we start with four difficulty level test and then randomly changes different difficulty level s, with continuous reviews and makeup classes.

After this Manthan – No matter student was at what level in the starting, we take out the achiever from a student.

We can prove with our well-proven and time tested MBA Manthan mythology that weaknesses are just an illusion and anything is achievable.

In this process, we take the student to all high and lows, most easy to most difficult tests and randomly experiencing them all these tests makes them MBA looks easy. Once a student goes through this process they become so well versed with things and that they become more mentally calm and mature thus their ability to deal with pressure ultimately increases.

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LEARNING – Minimum total hours of classes offered – 70 hours.

  • Online live classes to review lessons or make-up for missed classes
  • Booster sessions at no extra cost to get you the 700+ score i.e. beyond the 90th percentile
  • Online Hard Math Workshop at no additional cost
  • Access to teachers till actual test taking, even after course completion.
  • 10 full-length simulated tests with essay grading at no extra cost
  • Limited batch size and unlimited extra help
  • Personalized feedback on your test performance
  • Topic wise tests (Beginner, Medium, Advance level) after final topic class.

The student can choose weekday/weekends according to their availability.

Validity – till the time student gets admission in the desired college.

Main Features of the Course

Main Features:

  • We provide coaching by preparing a road map for every student.
  • Step wise step “improvement ladder” marked on an individual student sheet.
  • Module based preparation.
  • Section wise assessment, special attention on improvement areas.
  • Course ends when the student reaches its potential.
  • Artificial Intelligence-based online test
  • Test Generation facility
  • Proven “Adaptive model” of coaching, which works on a “Diagnostic test framework” which ensures continuous assessment thus continuous improvement.
  • We provide rigorous testing phase
  • Books and all study material will be provided

Added features:

  • Profile assessment, career counseling session, along with psychometric test would be done and reports will be shared.
  • Profile building activities would be advised in case we identify a gap.
  • Profile matching would be done with different colleges keeping in mind the profile and interest of the student.
  • Writing of SOPs, Essays, LOR would be done
  • Writing of Scholarship application.
  • Minimum 10 Full-Length Tests.
    1. Level 1 – 10 pdf
    2. Level 2 – 10 advance pdf
    3. Level 3 –10 Computer adaptive  test for GMAT
  • Test Generation facility – Student can ask for a test on the desired topic, a number of questions, difficulty level.

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