How COVID 19 is Affecting GMAT and Amending the Testing Formats World Over

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Covid 19 is writing new rules in international education, as much as it plays a pivotal role in dictating the protocols of international businesses and the global economies. Graduate Management Assessment Test (GMAT), one of the popular examination formats for admission to management courses across the globe, has been seriously affected as the result of Covid 19. Graduate Management Admission Council (GMAC) that owns as well as administers the Graduate Management Admission Test™ (GMAT™) exam has been under the strain of rescheduling their GMAT testing dates and altering the modes of testing keeping the fact that in-person GMAT testing will not be possible all through the year. 

Due to the ongoing COVID-19 outbreak, GMAT testing centers across the globe are in the state of temporary shutdown.  However, to cope with the testing requirements and the imminent need for management professionals amidst COVID 19 outbreak, GMAC has come with an idea of conducting Interim Online Executive Assessment, which would rather have an online proctored alternative to the Executive Assessment at the end of April. There would be an in-home and online GMAT preparation in Gurgaon that would be compatible and taken on both the Mac and PC versions. The structure, time, and the scoring of online GMAT Exam shall be comparable to the exam format that is conducted at the test centers.

This interim GMAT exam is going to have The Quant, Verbal, and IR sections and there will not be any AWA section. Candidates shall be given the same test questions and the same time frame for the online test. It will help the testing authority to keep the same score scale with respect to the score gained in an individual section and the overall score.

And besides everything else, there are going to be huge modifications in security regulations and the check-in to adjust competent delivery, bypassing any chances of lag phase. Remote proctors shall remain active during the examination to ensure the integrity of GMAT Exam.

Time management is crucial in GMAT Exam.  Now that the examination is scheduled to be conducted online, candidates will have the advantage to appear for examination from the comforts of their home and manage the time efficiently. The only skills that the candidates need to work out, for the time being, is to get attuned to the online format.   The prospective candidates who will take the GMAT Exam already have good knowledge of strategic approaches needed for answering the questions.

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