How long does it take to prepare for GMAT?

How long does it take to prepare for GMAT? How many hours you should study to crack your GMAT?

Well, the answer to these questions is unique to every individual student, as everybody has a different style and pace of studying and preparing for the GMAT.

However, you might still wonder, how long is too long and how much time is actually required for the GMAT preparations? In that case, we would suggest you read along to get to know the average time needed by the successful candidates who have appeared for their GMAT and scored 99 percentile and above.

Having said that, the GMAT (General Management Admission Test) consists of various sections such as Quants, Verbal and Logical Reasoning, trying to gauge your knowledge at various levels to help ensure that you are really an eligible candidate for one of the top most B-schools in the world. 

Every MBA University or college has different rules and entrance criteria for admission. Thus, you have to be really smart with your preparations and try to give your best in all the sections under the GMAT.

How long is too long to study for the GMAT?

Now, it is clearly up to you, how long you wish to study and how many hours you can actually devote to your studies and preparations for the GMAT. 

Also, it clearly depends upon how good you are with the subjects and topics under the GMAT curriculum. Say a boy A is really good with his Mathematics skills but poor in Verbal and reading comprehensions. Or say a Girl B is really good with her logical reasoning but poor at Quants and average with her verbal section.

Now, considering both these scenarios, you can very well understand that it would require different time for each of them considering their weaknesses and strong subjects. 


How Long Should You Study for the GMAT Exam?

Truth be told, there are a lot of factors that actually determine how much time you would require as an individual aspirant of GMAT. You yourself need to evaluate the same based on these factors.

These factors include:

Your starting point of studies and how good you are with your foundations of each topic that falls under the syllabus of GMAT.

Your weaker sections and how long will you take to cover them up and convert them into your stronger ones.

Your actual interest levels to appear for the GMAT and the subjects involved.

Have you ever tried giving a mock GMAT test to actually know where you stand in the competition, or what is your knowledge level?

Your overall productive time.

Your concentration level and how long you can focus at a time.

Are you aware of the various concepts and techniques covered under the GMAT?

Your target score.

The quality of your study material that you are going to use for the GMAT preparation.

Well, there are many factors apart from these and you will have to figure it out yourself by investing a little time at the beginning of your preparations.


How much time is sufficient for preparing for the GMAT?

Many students constantly keep wondering about how many hours you should study to crack the GMAT. 

In that case, the time required for GMAT preparations is different for every individual student. But here is a rough estimate usually done by the successful candidates. 

Roughly, you might need anywhere between 2-6 months of preparation and you would need to schedule your study time according to your individual pace of the various topics. You would have to analyze how long it takes to cover one particular topic and then move on to prepare a perfect GMAT time table that suits your needs and leaves you enough time for the rest of your activities apart from studies.


How many months of preparation is required to crack GMAT considering I have a full time job?

If you are working and have a full-time job, you might have to re-consider the above-mentioned timeline. You can go up to a year of preparation, or just require the 2-6 months of preparation time for the GMAT, completely dependent on your individual knowledge level.

Generally, as a rule of thumb, students give about 15 hours to study in a week. That comes to about 100-120 hours in around 6-8 weeks time.

However, clearly depending upon your individual capability, you can anytime alter this study time. If you have enough free time, you can study for longer hours. Or if you do not have much time on your hands, you could try squeezing in some time and trying to make the most out of your weekends. Thus the time would either increase or decrease depending upon your work pressure and time you could actually take out every week to study.


Is 2 months/3 months/6 months or a year enough to prepare for GMAT?

Apparently, a 2-month study plan is sufficient enough for anyone to study and prepare for the GMAT exams. However, this takes into consideration the fact that you are studying quite diligently and regularly without wasting any of your time and sticking to the said timetable that covers up everything under 2 months.

Now, this 2-month deadline is sure to vary for every student, as you might have certain other tasks to take up in between your studies as well.

You also might want to take a break to be able to focus again with more zest.

So, you might as well require 3 or even 6 months or even a year, depending upon how much time you can invest in your studies and how good you are with your basics. Also, you need to consider whether you have already taken the test or if this is your first time.

How long does it take to get GMAT 700?

Scoring 700 or 700+ is the dream of every GMAT aspirant. But you cannot be overly optimistic about the same. You need to consider the realistic situation and prepare accordingly. It is definitely possible to score 700+ with the right strategy and hard work with complete focus on getting your dream score.

What is the ideal GMAT preparation time?

The ideal time for GMAT preparation is usually about 100-120 hours over 6-8 weeks, roughly that sums up to 15 hours a week.

However, as mentioned earlier, you will have to consider the factors that affect your preparation and allow you enough time to relax as well.

GMAT preparation time table

Every student wishes to have the ideal score by building up on the ideal time table for their preparation for GMAT.

However, ideally and more realistically it is not possible every time.

Having said that, you can work on yoru basics and try analyzing the time that you require to cover up the entire syllabus and give you enough time to practice your skills as well.



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