We started off as an Education Consultant in 1995. Under the leadership of Mr. Surinder Gupta, an IIT Roorkee graduate, then after completing his stint with the job as an architect in MNC. The dismal condition of coaching for MBA attract his attention as he himself was preparing for MBA abroad or in India. It was his personal experiences that he took a decision to provide the best possible way of educating students.

He started practising, his expectations from an Education coaching MBA institutes into practically imparting education. It was then that he invented “ABILITY-BASED MODEL“ of MBA coaching.

He broke down this model into various steps and after years and years of practising, he decided to open centres in his home town, Roorkee and started training Teachers to become a coach and successfully producing results with all his students going for MBA admissions as this ‘ABILITY-BASED MODEL“ of coaching – prepares all kinds of students for sure success.

He started with only one mission – learning has to be customised and personalized, else it is useless to teach. With these wise thoughts in mind, he grew from a small team to bigger teams and more students got attracted because of his success and excellent track records. Now in order to give this World class and proven Methodology to all, we as a team – offer you all to take advantage of this Manthan Methodology.




Our vision is of a future in which all our students’ benefits from a world-class education by implementing effective learning models and strategies. Create a dynamic environment to encourage our students to participate in active learning.


MBA WIZARDS is a centre of excellence, where the aspirations of both corporate and students are achieved. Where candidates undergo very unique and practically proven facilitation in order to make them experts.


Our Goals is to build a platform where the students of varied subjects and fields can receive unmatched learning experience, battle their weaknesses and harness their best potential.

Provide an experience where exceptionally talented coaches are able to teach, mentor, inspire the students to achieve their educational goal.

Enable our students to solidify a fundamental understanding of core concepts, strategies’ problem solving and critical thinking skills. Our mission defines us who we are and set the standard by which we exist. It propels our success and is a measure by which we weigh our actions. To ignite the passion for learning and revolutionize the process by giving the best possible training.

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