17+ Exclusive Tricks & Tips to score 700+ in GMAT

Well, almost every other GMAT applicant aims for a higher GMAT score, that is, a 700+ that will lead him or her into one of the best and topmost institutes to pursue their MBA out of India.

But how to secure this 700+ score in GMAT? Is it really difficult to score 700+ in GMAT, or easier than you think?

If you too are aiming for a 700+ score in your GMAT, then fret not, we have got you covered. In this blog, we have tried to share all the information that you need about scoring the dream 700+ and the 17 important tips to help you do so.

Tips & Tricks to score 700+ in GMAT

Here are the 17 best tips and tricks to help you score 700+ in your GMAT with more confidence.

Tip no.1: Consistency is the key

Well, it is no secret that you need to be extremely consistent with your efforts while preparing for your GMAT exams. It doesn’t matter how much duration you study for. What is more important is the fact that you input your 200% and study with more consistency.

It is thus very important to set clear and achievable goals that will help you reach your 700+ score rather easily.

Tip no.2: Get your basics right

The GMAT requires you to be really good with your Basic knowledge about all the subjects including your Mathematics and Arithmetic skills, grammar skills, reading and comprehension, and most importantly, your analytical thinking ability.

Getting your fundamental knowledge right in the first place significantly increases your chances of getting the 700+ score.

It is thus very important that you invest a lot of your time clearing your basics and then moving on to the advanced knowledge.

Tip no.3: Working on your accuracy and timing

GMAT exam checks for your accuracy levels where you have to answer the questions correctly and accurately within the given time.

Therefore, it is really important to constantly work on your accuracy levels along with perfecting your timing while you are preparing for your GMAT. This will make it easy for your to score 700+ and secure a seat in one of your desired B-school.

Tip no.4: Getting your hands on the best reference study material

To study perfectly for the GMAT exam and score 700+ you need to get your hands on really higher quality study and reference material. You really need to choose the study material wisely that will help you get closer to your goals and help you learn about the various sections in a much easier and clearer way.

Also, your study material should cover everything that comes under the GMAT exams in terms of the content, and even the difficulty levels.

Tip no.5: Stay committed to your goals

Now, while you are preparing for your goals, it is quite possible that you get stuck at some places and wander off immediately. Thus it is really important to keep reminding yourself regularly your goals and push yourself to achieve them consistently.

Still wondering how to get the perfect GMAT score or even 700+ in your GMAT would require you to input a lot of hard work and stay committed to your goals. You also need to stay positive and have a great attitude towards the exam.

Tip no 6: Solve more practice papers

Solving more and more practice papers will help you gauge your knowledge about the various sections under GMAT. Also, it will help you analyze your weaker sections and stronger ones as well, helping you strategize properly for your GMAT accordingly.

Tip no.7: Gauge your knowledge and competency levels regularly

Now, as we already mentioned about solving more practice papers, it is thus very good to know about your competency levels and knowledge levels before you directly move on to appear for the actual exams. This will help you become more confident for the actual exam itself and terminate your anxiety level at the same time.

Tip no.8: Practice your skills in more realistic exam condition

Now, it is also very important to practice for these tests in a more realistic condition giving you every feel of the actual exam and help you become more confident.

Tip no.9: Work on your weaknesses

While preparing for your GMAT and helping you score 700+, you must know that you will have to constantly keep working on your weaknesses and keep practicing more on them almost regularly. This will ensure that you increase your chances of easily cracking the GMAT with a 700+ score.

Tip no.10: Improve on your strengths

Similarly, along with your weaknesses, you cannot ignore your strengths and keep them for the last minute. It is equally important to focus on your stronger sections on a regular basis to avoid last minute blunders.

Tip no.11: Develop a good study plan and make an effective strategy

Now, is it really easy to score 700+ in GMAT? Well, the answer lies in the fact that how well you design your study plan and stick to it. You need to prioritize your weaker and stronger sections accordingly to give you enough time to prepare extremely well for your actual exams.

Tip no.12: Push your limits

Well, in order to score the 700+ mark in your GMAT, you need to constantly push your limits and work towards giving your best no matter what.

Tip no.13: Do not procrastinate

Procrastination is the key to failure. If you are thinking you could save your study plan or a section that you find difficult for a later date, or tomorrow, to be more precise, forget about scoring 700+ in your GMAT.

This would surely be the first obstacle in your study and preparations for your GMAT and withhold you from getting closer to your goals. Therefore, beat procrastination and study wisely.

Tip no.14: Get the best out of your practice

Try working on every section with equal importance and make sure that you practice and work towards achieving your goal of scoring 700+ in your GMATs. You really need to give your best and get the best out of your practice.

Tip no.15: Check how long do you need to prepare for the GMAT

Every aspirant is different and everyone requires either more time or lesser time to practice for the GMAT. You really need to work on yours and make sure that you know how long will it take for you to prepare for your exams so that you prepare well in advance and cover all the sections and still get enough time in your hands for revision.

Tip no.16: Do not overestimate

Well, while preparing your timetable, or getting the perfect score, make sure you do not overestimate your knowledge levels. Try giving more time to understanding and analyzing your knowledge levels to pave the way for successfully scoring 700+ in your GMAT.

Tip no. 17 Stay focused and relaxed

Now, apart from simply struggling hard and constantly trying to focus on your preparations, you also need to stay relaxed. You must indulge in your favorite activities regularly to help you focus more and stay positive for the actual exam.

Is it hard to score 700 on the GMAT?

If you really try to work on the above-mentioned areas and make the right us of the tips to score 700+ in GMAT, you are sure to achieve your goals easily. Try working on the areas that you find difficult more and take breaks.

How many people get 700 on GMAT?

Usually, it is observed that 1 in every 10 students acquires a score of 700 and above in his or her GMAT.

So, if you wish to be the lucky one, you need to really work harder and give your 200% to prepare for the GMAT and keep studying consistently with a positive attitude.

How long does it take to get GMAT 700?

Well, this is a very subjective question since each and every individual preparing for the GMAT is different with different capabilities. Therefore, you need to work on your timing and accuracy levels to gauge what would be the perfect duration for you to score 700+ in GMAT.

Generally students take about 3 months time to finish the entire curriculum for the GMAT.

How many questions can you miss on the GMAT to get a 700?

This is different for each and every section under the GMAT. In order to get a 700+ score in your GMAT, in general:

For the Quants section, you can miss around 6-8 questions out of the 31 questions

For the Verbal section, you can miss around 8-10 questions out of the 36 questions

Now, it is really important to note here that the number mentioned here can really be variable and impact your score greatly and even get you a score lesser than your expected 700.

Thus, try to work towards getting more correct in the first place and not miss many than mentioned above.

With all said and done, do not fret. We at MBA Wizards are here to help you achieve your goal score of 700+ with much ease and confidence. Visit us at: https://www.mbawizards.co.in/ for more detailed information.

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