For students who aspire to complete management courses from prestigious business schools, CAT and GMAT are the exams to watch out for. While there are a few differences between the two exams, both of them are considered tough to crack. Many GMAT and CAT preparation coaching centers exist in Bangalore and all of them promise guaranteed success. Needless to say, there are lakhs of students who appear for the domestic CAT exam, and GMAT is a global management entrance exam and as a result, the level of competition is pretty high too. Domestic candidates in India try to take GMAT and CAT exams because many top institutes in India accept the GMAT scores of the students. Such institutes include but are not limited to XLRI, MDI, SPJIMR, etc. Many topics are common for both the exams and preparing for one might aid the preparation for another. But don’t let the similarities in the exam pattern fool you, in some respects, the exams are poles apart and it is advisable to effectively prepare for both. MBA Wizards is an amazing coaching center that has a branch in Bangalore too. It has great experience in training students for the GMAT and CAT exams and they get remarkable results every day.

Do I need a coaching center?

Many people might tell you that official guides for GMAT and some CAT preparation books will get you started on your preparation for these two exams. But often this methodology doesn’t work at all. Most self-study planning dwindles to solving one or two problems here or there and browsing through preparation websites. But these exams are highly competitive so thorough and strategic preparation is needed for achieving great scores. Most students need some structure to their preparation and that is where GMAT-CAT preparation coaching institutes like MBA Wizards come in. They have got some of the best mentors who deal with each student according to their caliber. Other coaching institutes may not offer this type of methodology. But the main point of this is to realize that GMAT-CAT coaching will not guarantee you success, it is just a supplement to your grit and efforts. At the end of the day, it is the students who have to put in the work.

Why MBA Wizards?

As mentioned before, the personalized approach employed in MBA Wizards is something that is rarely seen in other coaching websites. Many working professionals and busy students start preparing for management exams and they need suitable preparation coaching centers to deal with their hectic schedules. Furthermore, not all applicants are first-time test takers and the preparation strategy for retakers will be different. Keeping that in mind MBA Wizards has formed strategies catering to their needs. The mentors at MBA Wizards are dedicated to building a personalized roadmap for every applicant.

Their way of preparing the student for the GMAT or the CAT exam is also impressive. They start with improving the concepts of all the students. This means that no one has to remember any difficult formulae before joining this institute, as they start from scratch and this helps to clear out ideas. 

The next step in their prep strategy is to improve accuracy. When that is achieved the students move on to efficiency. MBA Wizard’s whole approach is based on identifying the student’s position on the learning curve and determining their learning style. They segregate the student according to their learning style and this helps all applicants to learn from their peers effectively. The institute also offers flexible timing and the students can also choose to sign up for online classes and study from the comfort of their homes.

How to choose the best GMAT-CAT preparation center in Bangalore?

Bangalore is a pretty large city and many coaching centers have sprung up recently. Surely, each one offers the students great results but not every center can deliver. It is an important task for the student to decide which coaching center they will enroll in. Some of these are fairly expensive so a lot of money goes to waste if the classes aren’t effective.

Here are some tips to help a student choose the best GMAT and CAT coaching center in Bangalore.

Check the track record

The previous year’s performance of the students of that coaching institute is an important aspect when choosing. If the results of CAT or GMAT exams of the past students are not that great, that surely means that the mentors aren’t that capable. Look out for institutes that specialize in transforming average students into star performers. Thus, take care to seek out the track record of your coaching institute.

Batch size

Many coaching centers take in many students and then form a single batch. The students do not have an advantage in large numbers. MBA Wizards takes the comfort of the student in mind and forms small batches. Doing so makes personalized attention easier for each student and each student gets their problem resolved. There is also a great student-teacher ratio at MBA Wizards and there are no issues in mentoring.

Time and distance

Consider how far your coaching center is from your home. Time and the cost of traveling should be a factor when deciding on a coaching institute. Preparation is a stressful business as it is, there is no need to impose burdensome time constraints on your preparation time. CTA or GMAT requires a lot of planning so be sure you can manage the time well. And if the student opts for online coaching, then there will be no time lost at all.

Demo sessions

Check whether your coaching center offers demo sessions or not. It is difficult to determine the quality of lessons without attending a class. Through demo sessions, a student can get an idea about the quality of the mentor’s teaching style and if the lessons would be beneficial or not.

To conclude this article, it suffices to say that MBA Wizards meets all these criteria and takes adaptive methodology to coach their students. 

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