How and Why COVID Effect On GMAT Preparation

The growth and development of any country’s economy is measured in terms of the quality of education dispersed as well as its obvious reach. Ever since the outbreak of COVID 19, one sector, which has continued to live and witnessed continuous growth and development is the Education. While the newly emerged COVID 19 Economy has forced several industries to go into lockdown mode, it has dovetailed education (primary, secondary as well as tertiary) leading to clear cut transformation. The state of the art and potentially overgrown digital media is offering more than one ways to reach to targeted audience, which is the student and the teaching community.

COVID 19 has put education providers to think on the possibilities of delivering education, while maintaining its quality and understanding to the student. Artificial Intelligence backed by concrete data management methodologies and advanced online education systems are paving forth new orientations and improving the delivery time of learning, besides taking control of critical high virulence situations. Keeping the idea of technology and scientific learning aside for a moment, two most basic questions that emerge in these vital times are:

How COVID 19 has Made Education Necessary:

COVID 19 brought an abrupt and immediate halt to the GMAT classroom coaching methods. There has been a paradigm shift from the teacher-centric system of education towards more objective student-centric means of learning. Innovative online tools are busting limitations in the traditional education and procedures of learning too. The idea here is that learning has never stopped, concluding the fact that education is still persistently evolving on a higher scale even in the days of novel Corona virulence.

Taking the statistics of education all over the world, over 1.2 Billion students from more than 186 countries have been affected directly or indirectly in some form or the other. In COVID 19 Pandemic, especially if the case scenario of the Indian sub-continent is highlighted, more than 35 million students have already enrolled themselves in higher education. Moreover, there is still a huge number of prospective students waiting for examinations like IELTS, TOEFL, GMAT, etc. to secure admissions in international universities and colleges of repute. And above all, as it is technology-based education there is transparency too. Equal space is given to students preparing for their examinations, and this kind of de-novo behavior has proven instrumental in bringing equality in understanding.

It is fortunate than ever that Indian students have access to world-class learning technologies and sophisticated content to ensure a deeper understanding of the subjects they are proposed to study for the examinations. The schools, colleges, and universities are transitioning to interactive and virtual methods of learning, dispensing education, which is self-paced much more organized, and delivered after following a balanced approach.

Besides, COVID Pandemic has brought traditional ways of learning to a complete standstill position, but the desire to learn and educate, is continuous, on-going, and unstoppable, no matter what happens. The necessity of learning continues to grow with time and when the whole nation somehow happens to be in the lockdown, the urge of students (regular or enrolled in distance learning) is overwhelming.

Why COVID 19 has Made Education Necessary:

Colleges and schools are temporarily closed, and students are confined to their homes and study rooms, COVID 19 has made continuity of education a living necessity. Here’s a quick review as to why is the education necessary in times of COVID fallout:

1- Provides Awesome Confidence: Education, if stopped, would be detrimental as it is going to lose the confidence of the student. Therefore, the necessity of education comes from the fact that it helps in the emergence of new thoughts and communication of ideas from one individual to another. Continuity in education in times of COVID 19 will help GMAT, CAT students, and other learning community to remain productive, and also enjoy a high memory retention rate.

2 – Enhances the Ability to Reason Out – Logical reasoning is one of the advantages that students gain through education. Students having good reasoning abilities can catch hold of the trickiest situations and show up superb results. As education continues, it would keep the conscious of students alive and enriched. They come to know about the recent global developments in different fields of operations. Students also come to know about the latest evolving technologies.

3 -Feel Happy and Contended – Being absorbed in education will keep students contended and relaxed. In this manner, the conscious part of the brain will be captivated by fertile thoughts. There is absolutely no room for negative thoughts to prosper. Since the democratization of technology, new learning tools are made available to students and teachers, and this has resulted in more contentment than ever.

4- Make the Headway to Innovation – One of the key areas where education is seen as a deliberate necessity seems to be education. Without innovation, there is nothing that drives in or drives out. In the COVID 19 situation, education is far more a necessity than just a societal protocol, because this is the time when you cannot put a stop to innovation. The current pandemic situation calls for prolific learning, which is given to innovation and research.

5- Education is the Way to Healthy Competition – Education is an all-time necessity because it is the step that sustains a positive competition in life. The more you are educated and learned about your surroundings and subjects, the more you can compete and break even with your competitors.

COVID 19 will live with us for a while. The better part of it is that we have learnt to alter our system of learning and education with different forms of advanced tools available, and this has a deepening and wider role to play. Students can now be directed with the better more systematic approach of education and let them prepare for examinations in customized and didactic environments.

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