How long is GMAT score valid? Gmat Score Validity in India & Abroad

the GMAT scores and how long they are valid. The entire process to prepare for the GMAT can really be intriguing and challenging at the same time.

You might have enough time in your hands at the moment and must be wondering whether to appear for the GMAT right away or wait for a few years, if you have a plan to apply to the top B-schools a few years down the line.

Here are a few important FAQs to help answer all your queries regarding your GMAT score validity. We have tried to cover all the important information that you need regarding your GMAT scores and their validity.

Hope you find this article helpful and help you with everything that you need with your GMAT scores.

How Long Is Your GMAT Score Valid?

Bear in mind, that your GMAT score is valid for 5 years.

So, it is indeed a great idea to appear for the GMAT exams, if you are really sure of applying to top B-schools within the 5 year window.

Thus, it is actually a boon in disguise for students who wish to take their own time to apply for the top and the best B-schools and apply at a later date.

GMAT Score Validity in India

Well, the GMAT score is accepted by many top Indian B-schools as well. So, if you wondering whether to apply for ISB, or any other IIM institute, which accept the GMAT exam scores as their entrance criteria, your score will be valid through only the 5 year period. Nothing beyond that!

Now, this 5 year window starts from the day you have given the test.

So, for example, if you have appeared for the test on 1st of January 2021, your GMAT score will be valid till 1st January 2026.

GMAT Exam Score Validity in Abroad

Similar to the GMAT score validity in India, the GMAT exam score is also valid for a period of 5 years from the date of your GMAT test if you are applying to top b-schools abroad.

You need to check with the various B-schools beforehand to make sure their individual score acceptance criteria and their GMAT score validity.

However, generally the best of the B-Schools abroad, for example, the HArdvard institute and the likes do have a score validity of 5 years only.

Mostly Universities anywhere, abroad or in India as well, do not accept a GMAT score that is older than 5 years validity.

Do GMAT scores expire?

Yes, after the given validity of 5 years, your GMAT score actually expires to be applied for a given top B-school. Your Score won’t be listed in your Official Score Report or even in your Score History.

However, you can anytime request the GMAC to forward you your old GMAT score, if you wish, and that too for a fee. Well, even in this case, you can request for a GMAT score that was not older than the 10 years timeframe. Nothing beyond that is accessible.

For how long is GMAT valid in top schools?

Generally, for every topmost B-school that requires a GMAT score for their admission, they accept the scores that are no more than 5 year old.

However, you can check with the individual universities, if they are having some other acceptance criteria for your score. Some might demand for a score that is no older than 3 years. And some might even extend the validity window. But generally, the 5 year window is the common validity timeframe for your GMAT scores in the best of the B-schools.

How many times are you allowed to take the GMAT test?

Well, you are allowed to take the GMAT test only 5 times in a 12 month timeframe. And in your lifetime, you cannot exceed the 8 time limit. So basically, it boils down to the fact that you can take the GMAT test only about 8 times in your lifetime.

Also, you can appear for the GMAT exams only after 16 days of the previous GMAT test. Remember that all your scores would be still considered valid for a period of 5 years from the date of your exam. And after that your GMAT score will expire.

Is online GMAT score valid for 5 years?

Yes, your official GMAT online score is valid through till the 5 years period. You can apply to any top B-school of your choice within this timeframe and the one that accepts your score within this timeframe.

Your online GMAT score is no different than your official GMAT score and is reflected in your official GMAT scorecard or report that you usually send to the universities to which you wish to apply for an MBA. Again, it depends upon the particular universities whether they accept scores older than 5 years from the date of your GMAT exams.

Is GMAT score valid for 2 years?

Your GMAT score is valid for a period of 5 years overall. This clearly means, you can apply to any top B-school within this period from the date of your test.

Also, this means that if you are planning to pursue your MBA from a top B-school after 2 years of your GMAT exam date, you can still very well go ahead with your plan and apply to the university without any hesitation. Generally, all the top B-schools that accept GMAT scores have a validity of 5 years only for your GMAT score. So, rest assured.

Cancellation of your GMAT score

You receive your unofficial GMAT scores right away after your GMAT test. And you are given a time of 2 minutes to accept the score immediately after your test, or else it gets rejected and you wouldn’t receive your official GMAT score report as well. However, you can retake the GMAT test 16 days after this. Remember, you have 5 attempts to retake your GMAT exams in a year and 8 times in your lifetime.

Now, if you have accepted your GMAT score immediately after your test and wish to cancel your score, you can do it within 72 hours for an additional charge once you leave the test center.

Also, if your score are cancelled, as you could not accept the score within the 2 minutes time at the test center immediately after your GMAT test, you can anytime reinstate your scores till the next 4 years and 11 months time.

If I write GMAT multiple times, which score would be valid? The score of the test I wrote the latest or the best one?

If you take the GMAT multiple times in a year, that is the said 5 time limit, all your scores for the 5 attempts will be considered valid if you are applying to the B-schools within the next 5 years of the tests.

However, if you are wondering which score would be considered or will be visible to the universities, then rest assured that you have all the liberty to cancel your weaker scores and make only your best score available to the universities in your scorecard. So, you can anytime send only your best score to the universities to be considered for your admission to the particular B-school.

Will the Business schools accept or reject your old GMAT scores?

Business schools only accept the GMAT scores within the timeframe of the 5 year GMAT score validity. Scores older than that stand no chance at any university. Remember, that you won’t be eligible to apply for any university or institute if you apply to them with a score beyond the 5 year old validity.

Also, you can still wish to go ahead and request for your older GMAT scores (obviously older than 5 years from the date of your test) and the GMAC will charge you a fee for the same.

Remember that you cannot ask for a score older than 10 years to the GMAC.

How is the GMAT score Calculated?

GMAT exam generally consists of four sections viz.,

Reading (Comprehension & Passages)

Quantitative (Mathematics & Accounts)

Logical Reasoning

Verbal (English & Grammar)

Your GMAT score is calculated based on these sections and how many questions you have answered correctly from these sections mentioned above.

You certainly need a great GMAT score to get admission to a top B-school of your choice. A good GMAT score is the one that is above 600 score. Well, truth be told, every university asks for a different cut off. So you can prepare to get the best scores only beyond 600. The more the better actually as the competition is extremely tough and every year the competition is indeed burgeoning.

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