GMAT exams are the focus of all students who have their ears on management programs. It is a popular computer-adaptive exam and it aims to analyze the writing capabilities of the student, in addition to quantitative, verbal, and stand English skills. The exam is useful for standard management programs like the MBA or Masters in Finance-related courses. Although scholarships aren’t guaranteed, early applicants or applicants with a high GMAT exam score can have the chance for financial assistance. Hence, it is not tough to imagine the level of importance that this 3hours 30 minutes test carries for aspiring students. For this purpose, students often seek the professional help of GMAT preparation coaching centers. It can be tough to know which coaching is the best, but some coaching institutes like MBA Wizards do stand out in their methodology and success rate.

Why should you bother with the GMAT exam?

For management programs, GMAT scores are widely accepted. It is reported that out of 10 MBA enrollments, 9 are made through the score obtained through GMAT exams. Above 2000 schools accept GMAT scores and this exam has a well-known global reach. There are numerous testing centers all around the world (114 countries). Thus it is sensible for students, who want to get into the top-B schools, to want to perform well in GMAT through GMAT preparation coaching.

Interesting Factors about GMAT

Comparison with CAT

CAT is a popular management exam for admissions into the top B-schools of India, but GMAT is easier to crack than CAT. The Quant section for GMAT is easier. The verbal portion might seem a bit more difficult than the CAT level, but it is not impossible to handle.

Average Score

According to the official authority for GMAT, which is the GMAC, most the students score between 400 and 600. Almost two-thirds of them stay between this range and it takes a lot of dedication to score beyond this range.

The difference in sections

Only some parts like the verbal and the quant sections are computer-adaptive, but the rest of the sections like AWA and IR are not. The preparation strategies for them will be different.

Scores from the GMAT

GMAT exam gives the student a choice of whether or not to cancel the GMAT scores. They can certainly choose to do so and if they do, their score will not be shared with the chosen universities. The GMAT scores will also stay valid for five years, and the exam can be taken about five times a year.

Do I need a coaching center to guide me?

The answer varies for every individual differently. But people who tend to take help from professional training centers tend to perform well on these exams too. The main thing to understand about GMAT preparation centers is that it doesn’t guarantee you anything but premier institutes like MBA Wizards do their best to prepare you and keep you informed about the rules and regulations about the exam in question. Enrollment in the GMAT coaching institute doesn’t mean you have to work less hard, but it does mean that you can work smarter as you have years of experience guiding you through mentors of your institution.

Apart from the experience of the mentors, the students get the guarantee of a disciplined approach to GMAT preparation with rigorous practice tests and countless mocks. The training centers keep the students consistent and give them an edge over their competitors.

Which is the most reliable GMAT preparation coaching center?

There are many coaching centers to choose from and nowadays, distance doesn’t create a constraint as online classes have sprung up everywhere. But all coaching centers do not guarantee students with quality GMAT preparation, so the student has to do the appropriate research before settling on one institute. According to student reports, MBA Wizards happen to be reliable ad successful coaching centers and students have performed well after getting enrolled in their GMAT courses. Their secret happens to be the adaptive model of training, which treats every student as a unique individual with separate learning styles and thus treats all of their training modules differently. Not believing in a one-approach-suits-all method, the Manthan methodology creates a unique system.

How to choose the correct GMAT coaching center?

As mentioned before, every student needs a certain level of research before deciding on a coaching center. Some of these coaching centers are fairly expensive and they all promise remarkable results. It becomes quite a task for students to determine what the right choice is, but the following pointers below will give them an overview of the necessary criteria.

Check the track record

Every student should positively check the records of the GMAT preparation coaching institute to track their performances. Some centers such as MBA Wizards have impeccable records, but others may not have similar trends. If an institute doesn’t have a good track record, then it is a red flag and the student will probably be better off making other choices.


 All good GMAT preparation centers like MBA Wizards will offer the students many test series to determine their weak areas. It is crucial to check whether the institute in question has the facilities to offer students computer adaptive practice tests and the scores from these types of practice tests will help in the preparation of the students very much.

Batch size concerns

The student should also make a note of the batch size of the classes. MBA Wizards have a small-sized batch system so that every student gets personalized attention. If your coaching institute offers a very large batch size then your problems might not get that much attention.


If the student decides on online coaching classes, then it is not an issue but if he or she prefers the classroom approach, then time and distance become factors. Make sure to pick a GMAT preparation coaching center that is close to you, as too much time spent traveling will not aid in your preparation. 

Brand names

Big brand names can afford too many advertisements and therefore they become very popular. But, not all of them can be fruitful. Students should not be swayed by the brand name alone. MBA Wizards has an excellent faculty and does not only rely on the brand name to get its popularity. Be sure to check all factors while enrolling in an institution. Look for the faculty member’s profile and check their validity. The teachers should have experience and they should be familiar with the GMAT exam and every little detail related to it.

Demo sessions

It is difficult to judge something before knowing anything about it. MBA Wizards offers students free demo sessions so the student in question can judge the quality of the training session for themselves. Whatever training institute that you want to join, make sure to get a couple of free demo sessions before you commit. It will be a shame to get stuck in an inefficient place just because of the sheer amount of money wasted on it.

Must do’s for the GMAT exam

Look into it– A student should be informed about the nitty-gritty of the exam before starting preparation. The instructions, the exam pattern, as well as the competition level, must be known to the student from before.

Maintain the routine– The student should set up a timetable and stick to it. Make a routine in your laptop and notebook and make sure that you strictly follow it. 

Consistency– Studying for more hours once in a while will not be beneficial. A student should maintain consistency and study regularly.

Regular assessment– Keeping track of your progress is an essential part f your preparation strategy. Sectional tests should be taken to access your understanding. A student should also be aware of the time limit while taking these mock tests.

Mentor– Professional mentors will come in handy. While not every coaching institute offers great guidance, MBA Wizards are sure to provide all students with personalized training to guarantee success.

Strategies for GMAT exam


Verbal ability will not be perfect in a short amount of time. As mentioned before, the verbal section is a bit tougher than the CAT level questions, and a student needs to invest the proper amount of time in it. Reading more will always be beneficial. Try and remember the main points of the article after you have read it. Doing that will give you an idea about how much information you can retain.

Logical reasoning

A lot of free material s available online but the difficulty level of those questions is not right for the GMAT exam. A student must solve as many LR sets as he or she is able. The important thing to remember is that almost everyone can solve these questions but not in a limited time frame. The main focus will be on improving speed.

Quant sections

 Students who are already adept in math skills should not find this section that difficult. For an average student, regular practice is the key. It will be helpful if you can remember simple calculations like the squares of numbers or the square roots of numbers in your head. Regular revisions of the formulas are a must-do.

Manthan Methodology at MBA Wizards –

MBA Wizards is one of the finest GMAT coachings that starts with self-assessment followed by an interview process and then goes with the diagnostic test. How Interview process is helpful? Their Interview process identifies the regular study habits, mental strength time restrictions,  skills, and passion of the students. Their Diagnostic test mainly checks the knowledge of the student on the specific subjects. These three approaches have proven helpful for MBA Wizards while designing a customized and effective study plan for a student. They offer improved customizations and regular checks on the students.

The test schedule of MBA Wizards comprises four different stages —

  • Sectional test
  • Sectional advanced test 
  • Full mock test
  • Full advanced Test 

GMAT offers the Advance level, sectional and advanced level full mock tests in easy level, moderate level, and also in the mixed form of the medium and easy level to make students capable to handle tackle tough situations.

As a way of concluding this article, it suffices to say that MBA Wizards satisfies all of these criteria and devotes sufficient time and energy to its students. Good faculty and great networks help this institute make a lasting impression.

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